Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Real-wishes is a way to make all your wishes come true.All you have to do is type in your wish and follow there instructions which include:

1. The Power of 8 Days

Visit your Wish Page at least once a day for 8 days in a row.

2. Moonlight

Write or print out the Number 8 on a piece of paper and carry it on or near you at all times.Allow direct Moonlight to shine upon it every night for 30 seconds.
Indirect Moonlight will penetrate clouds - if it's cloudy, expose it every night for a full minute.If there is little or no Moonlight where you live, hold the paper to the sky for 2 
3. 11:11 and the Mirror

At the time 11:11, hold your 8 paper up to a mirror and look into the mirror at the reflected 8 as you say your wish 8 times.  Do this for 8 days in a row.  If you skip a day, begin again. 
5. The Power of Mass Consciousness

The more awareness you bring to this website, the more energy you bring into your wish. Im doing this step by posting this:
6. The Living Power of Images

Paste the code below into blogs, forums and comments of online community websites.
The more people who see this image, the more energy you will bring into your wish. Im doing this step by posting this:
real wishes granted
real wishes granted
7. The Power Within

While visiting your wish page, visualize yourself taking action to achieve your wish.
You will need to open your mind and be willing to learn and do something new. 

8. The Power of Letting Go

Complete this task even if your wish has already come true ~ 

The Universe is a paradox.
Contradictory and opposite forces make up the whole.

After you have successfully visited your Wish Page for 8 days in a row,
you must give life to your wish by creating a paradox. 

Here's how: 

You must think no more about your wish. 

~ Let It Go ~ 

Letting go of your wish creates the paradox with a contradictory act.
This is the same act that gave birth to the Universe.

The very moment you truly let go and forget,
your wish will be born and it will come to you. 

This final task uses the paper with the 8 written on it: 
Find a recycling bin and hold the paper over it.

As you do this,
feel yourself let go of your wish
as you let go of the paper.